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1 Day Tour: ouzoud waterfalls

If you want something a little bit  different, this is a nice day out. Leaving your accommodation around 7.30-8am we will be  heading  out North West of Marrakech towards Demnate. We will be making  a stop at Iminifri with some open caves.  Then we will be continuing on to the village of Tanaghmeilt and into the waterfalls for lunch . The bottom of the falls are accessible through a shaded path of olive trees (the name Ouzoud comes from the Berber meaning olive). 

Ouzoud Waterfalls represent one of the most popular natural attraction of the Moroccan in the Atlas . In the heart of a luxurious valley, the water rebounds on several steps, projecting thin water droplets in the air. This is the reason why there are permanent and magical rainbows in scenery where monkeys and birds live together. A bit before the waterfalls, we can visit the natural bridge of Imi N’iFri, natural fruit of the rock erosion caused by water. On top of this natural massive arch made of stalactite and stalagmite… You can enjoy a walk on the site going to one side of the river and going up by the other side. Swimming is optional, so towels and cosy needed. Whereas , if you are not willing to swim, then you can cross the river by the wooden bridge or even with one of the small boats. Then returning to Marrakech at around 5pm

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