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1 Day Tour: atlas mountains

Begin your full-day tour with a pickup from your Marrakech hotel and climb aboard your comfortable air-conditioned car for your journey into the lovely Atlas Mountains. Enjoy the views as your guide drives you out of Marrakech into rural Morocco. Glimpse the rustic villages that sprinkle the rugged landscapes, and soak up the sight of the Atlas mountains as you venture into the foothills. Follow the winding roads through the hills, where the valley slopes are coated with snow in the winter and pastures grazed by sheep in the summer. Experience the age-old Berber way of life in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains on this full-day trip from Marrakech. Discover the culture of the Berbers  as you explore the Atlas’ foothills. Follow ancient Berber trails through valleys; pass rushing rivers, orchards and hillside . Soak up epic mountain views, and visit Berber villages to see its grain mills and sip soothing mint tea with the locals. 

Discover the Majestic High Atlas Mountains, and learn more about Berbers culture and their  lifestyles . Admire the landscape, natural beauty, fresh air, lush valleys, groves of peach, walnut trees, botanic gardens, rivers, snow-capped peaks and traditional mud-built Berber villages. Relax, and enjoy the panoramic view along the scenic Atlas mountain road and immerse yourself in a world of natural wonders before stopping for a delicious mint tea with the local Berbers in a mud-built house where the richness of Berber traditions will reveal itself to you. Enjoy the ride back and take comfort as your fatigue melts away, and your senses & spirit invigorated. 

For this refreshing half-day guided tour in Marrakech countryside, You will drive through the famous valleys in the heart of the Great Atlas Mountains where the plains will give way to snow-capped peak, green valleys, gorges, rivers and fruit trees. A breathtaking and spectacular scenery perfect for photos opportunities at your request.  

You will then stop for a visit to an original Berber house and family. Sip on a delicious Moroccan mint tea while marveling at one of world's natural treasures-you will never tire of that view!   
Relax, enjoy the panoramic view back and take comfort as your fatigue melts away, and your senses & spirit invigorated.  

Drop off at your Accommodation with plenty of tales of the Magical High Atlas mountains .

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